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 Here are some printable cards, activities and fun you can share with your mom and do together to celebrate her special day.  Enjoy! If you have extra time, feel free to go back to and complete our Peace Website Bear Hunt for a special prize. 

Instructions:  Print the card(s) you like.  Color, decorate, write your name under “With Love,” or “Thank you for being you” and give away.  Fold like a hamburger in half (short-wise), and then fold in half again to create a card.  Images for Mother's Day cards and coloring pages were created for Peace by Kelsey Watson from WhimofaRose by KW.  Kelsey is the sister of our Family Life Director, Holly Nelson.  Visit Kelsey on Instagram @whimsofarose.

Mothers Day Card - WomanBoy.png
Mothers Day Card - Boy.png
Mothers Day Card - Woman Girl Wheelchair
Mothers Day Card - Girl.png
Mothers Day Card - GirlWoman.png


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