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Prayer Request Form

If a sudden illness or the need for immediate prayers occurs, please contact the church office at 586.731.4120, email us or complete our contact us form.  Our prayer warriors will begin praying for you.  Jesus said to call upon him in every need.

Peace Shelby prays for one another today and through the week.  Our Prayer Ministry also welcomes the opportunity to pray on Monday evenings.  Prayer Requests are listed in our weekly bulletin. Prayer Partners are available after each service at the front of the church to pray with or for you.  

Please submit prayer requests each Wednesday by noon via email to be included in the weekly bulletin.  As always, you may submit additional prayer requests at the beginning of worship service on the prayer request cards located in the pews. Prayer requests will remain on the list for two weeks.  If the requests need to remain on the list longer, please resubmit them.

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