Senior Youth Ministries


LCMS Youth Gathering 2022

All current High School students (8-11) and those entering 9th grade in the fall 2021 and are invited by LCMS Youth Ministry in Saint Louis, MO District to join other participants from around the country in this event, which will be held in Houston, Texas.  Fundraising and other information will be available soon.

Held every 3 years since 1980, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ and learn about the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity.

The Gathering is more than the five days of the event. The preparation process for the Gathering brings together young people and supportive adults to encourage each other in their baptismal identity. The Gathering provides young people a vision for the vastness of Christ’s Church and equips them for vocational service as they continue their walk with Jesus.




Junior Youth Ministries


Junior Youth Ministries (JYM) Bible Studies

JYM (Junior Youth Ministries) is for students in grades 5-8, and meets Sundays, 9:45-10:15am. Bring a friend and your Bible to enjoy learning about God's word! 

Each week we dig deep into Jesus-centered lessons to build strong relationships with each other, but more importantly to grow closer to Jesus and prepare for high school!

Summer Break: See you in the fall!




 KidZone is open to children age 4 through 4th Grade. 

Join us In-Person each Sunday morning during our 10:30am service following the Children's Message.

Spiritual transformation happens when kids come to know Jesus, rather than just know about Jesus. Our job is to prepare the soil of kids’ hearts so seeds of faith can grow and a true relationship with Jesus can happen. Every activity, song, and visual in Simply Loved is designed to help kids remember each lesson long after their children’s ministry years.

Captivating Bible Memory Verse and Buddy
When kids meet a character they love, they remember! That’s why we include animal characters called Bible Memory Buddies to help kids remember who God is and how much he loves them. The Bible Memory Buddies also teach kids a Bible Memory verse so they can place God’s Word in their hearts and live out His Word through their daily lives.

Connecting God to His Creation
Every week uses a different animal characteristic to cement Bible learning. These fun facts fascinate kids and show them how God can be seen in every corner of his creation!

Hands-On Learning
Kids don’t learn best when all they do is sit and listen. We get kids moving and experiencing God’s Word through multiple multi-sensory activities!




Nursery is Back!

After almost 2 years we are excited to have our nursery available again. Nursery will begin on Sunday, February 6, during the 10:30am service. Nursery is available to children 3-years-old and younger. Those 4-years-old and older, please join us at KidZone.