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Board of Directors

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President of the Congregation:  

John Matalavy
Vice-President:  Russ Kouba 
Secretary: Cornel Steenkamp
Comptroller: Aaron Wilks


Contact Board of Directors  The Board of Directors meets privately on the third Tuesday of each month.

The Board of Directors consists of voting members holding the position of president, vice-president, secretary, comptroller, financial secretary, elder chairman, and chair persons of all the boards.  The pastor, principal, and church staff leaders responsible for Family Life, Fellowship, Worship and Mission ministries are ex-officio members.  The primary tasks of the Board of Directors is to set direction for the congregation, carry out the normal duties of the church which the Voters’ Assembly and church constitution assigns them, and aid and oversee the staff in carrying out their day to day responsibilities.

Board of Elders

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John Blanchard, Ken Fritsch, Pat Longtin, Doug Shackelford, John Ugo, and Brian Chaplin

Contact the Board of Elders.

The Board of Elders meets privately.

The Board of Elders are made up of spiritual leaders within Peace and is responsible for the growth and direction of the congregation and its members.  This board oversees the doctrine of the congregation and remains actively involved in overseeing the worship services and in assisting Pastor and church staff in the carrying out of their called duties. 

Board of Education

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Chair:  Tom McClelland

Members:  Sharon Kouba, Carrie Wilks, Kelly Milosevic, Tom Tomlinson, Nate Tallman and

Pat Longtin

Contact the Board of Education.  Board of Education meets the second Monday of each month.

The Board of Education works closely with the administrator in expanding our school ministry, overseeing that the school fulfills our church’s mission and vision along with our school’s mission statement.  The board sets policy and oversees the needs of the staff, students and families within the Peace school family.   This board also oversees the PTL, the Marketing Committee and other committees that serve the school.   There are plenty of opportunities to serve with the Board of Education and committees.  

Board of Family Life

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Kurt Hunsanger, Mary Aboona, and Dana Temerowski


Contact the Board of Family Life. 

The Board of Family Life, together with the assigned Peace staff, is responsible for involving the youth and families of the church in the work of Christ, providing for their spiritual growth, and nurturing and promoting genuine Christian fellowship among the families of the congregation. The Board of Family Life consists of members who have a passion for youth and families. There is always a need for volunteers to help with many ongoing ministry events and programs.  

Board of Christian Care

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Chair:  Lisa Towne    

Members:  Marianne Iselli, Tamara Amey, 

Pam Keidel,  Jackie Pilan, Peggy Bobel, Jessica Franckiewicz, Judy Franckiewicz, and Pam Aulgur 

Contact the Board of Christian Care.

Contact our Meals Ministry Coordinator.


The Board of Christian Care meets: First Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm.

The Board of Christian Care is responsible for establishing and growing within our church community supporting those in need with love, care and compassion.  This board consists of members who have a passion for serving others and address the physical and emotional needs of our community while always ‘helping people experience Jesus’.  


Some of the committees within Board of Christian Care include:  New Moms & Meals, Funeral Luncheons, Shut In/Nursing Home Visitation, Stephen Ministries, Hospitality, Blood Drives and Food Drives, and more.  

The Board of Christian Care is always in need of both new and experienced volunteers to help with many ongoing events and programs.   Visit our Volunteer Page for details or contact a board member for more information. Anyone is welcome to join us, or attend a meeting to see where their God given talents may fit in.

Board of Trustees

Church Trustees

Chair: Jason Abele


Russ Kouba, Ian McGill, Jeff Sheldon, Dave Souder, Keith Surdu and Myril Wilks


Support Staff: Judy Franckiewicz (Custodian) and

Carmelo Ferrante (Maintenance)


Contact the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for care and upkeep of all physical properties. They are responsible for insurance, contracts for physical upkeep, and custodial staff under their care.  The Trustees work in support of the other ministries to make sure that the physical needs are addressed so that we may fulfill our mission and vision.  
To help the Board of Trustees, visit our Volunteer Page for details or contact a board member. 

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