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Weekly Bible Study

Peace offers a variety of group Bible Studies throughout the year with a variety of topics and interests.


Typically most Bible Studies are held from fall to spring, within small groups of 10-30 participants, that meet once per week and last 4-6 weeks or longer.  Anyone is welcome.  Check this page often, as studies will change.

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Sundays, 9:35am


Adult, “THE MANY WONDERS OF HEAVEN”, with Pastor Klemm, in Room #205

It will whet the appetite of each student for "Home." What will we have? What will we do? There are so many questions. This study concentrates on the questions and answers, and it emphasizes the joy of your future home. This study will spark intense class discussion. 

  1. The Wonder of Entrance

  2. The Wonder of God

  3. The Wonder of the Saints

  4. The Wonder of God's Family

  5. The Wonder of Reward

  6. The Wonder of Activity

  7. The Wonder of the City

  8. The Wonder of Anticipation

Sundays, 9:45am

Adult, Various Topics, with Ken Fritsch/Eric Riethmeier, IN-PERSON, in the 8th Grade Classroom, Room #207

Recent articles and stories looked at from a Christian perspective will be the focus of discussion for this study.

Junior Youth Ministries (JYM) Bible Studies, Media Center, Room #118

JYM (Junior Youth Ministries) is for students in grades 5-8, and meets on Sundays, 9:45-10:15am. Bring a friend and your Bible to enjoy learning about God's word! 

This student-focused Bible Study will include discussions and activities on various topics relating to junior youth.

KidZone, during 10:30am Worship, with Holly Nelson and Team, In Person

KIDZONE is for students age 4 - Grade 4. 

With Simply Loved, we will explore a foundational, Jesus-centered journey through God’s story of Love. Each week, every message and activity sets the stage to help children more intentionally grow their friendship with Jesus.


Wednesdays, 6:30pm,​ RETURNS IN SEPTEMBER

Adult Studies, with Deacon Jim Schurig, ON ZOOM


Thursday, 9:15am

Adult, SEEKING GOD'S GUIDANCE," led by Pat Klein, in the Gathering Room 

Our goal in this 6-week in-person study is to get to know God as our "wise Counselor," who gives wisdom "generously to all without finding fault" (James 1: 5).

Thursday, 6:30pm, BEGINS MARCH 2

Women's Bible Study, "GOD OF DELIVERANCE," by Jen Wilkin, led by Marianne Iselli, in the Gathering Room


“Blessed be the Lord, who has delivered you.” —Exodus 18:10

With that introduction, we enter into the story of the Hebrew people in the Book of Exodus. No longer under the protection of their forefather Joseph, the children of Israel became slaves to the Egyptians. But God was raising up a deliverer in Moses, to lead His people from bondage to freedom so they could worship Him.

The exodus of the Israelites shapes our understanding of the whole Bible, its themes reverberating all the way to Revelation. Exodus is the birth narrative of a nation unmistakably guided by the Great Deliverer.


Join this Women's Bible study, "God of Deliverance", Exodus 1-18, by Jen Wilkin, on Thursday evenings beginning March 2, at 6:30pm in the Gathering Room.  


2nd/4th Saturdays, 7:30am

Adult, Men's, Romans, with Pat Longtin, IN-PERSON, in the Media Center

In Apostle Paul's letter to the Roman church, he explains how salvation is offered throughout the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only faith in Jesus can restore God's plan for his people.

Churchwide Fall Campaign

Each fall our entire congregation gets involved in a church-wide sermon series and Bible study.  Peace offers a variety of Bible study sessions at convenient times throughout the week, encouraging everyone to participate.  Groups are held on and off campus, and sometimes include childcare.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Check back in the fall for information on our 2023 studies.

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