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Our sixth, seventh and eighth grades offers a strong program to prepare our students for high school.  Our students rotate classes, allowing our students to learn to from teachers certified in those particular areas of strength and interest.    

Grade 6

Ms. Heather VanHouten
Grade 6 Teacher

Ms. Heather VanHouten, 6th Grade Home Room, Middle School

Science Teacher

Growing up, I was blessed to have been raised in a very supportive, family oriented, church community. My mom was a church secretary, so the church became our second home.  I was very involved in Sunday school, youth group, VBS, and volunteering in different aspects of the church. This community and fellowship taught me many important lessons and gave me a solid Christian foundation that has guided me through my life. This foundation has been the cornerstone of my life and has guided me in both the highs and the lows. It is this background that has guided me to share God’s love for all His people.


I grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan, and after graduating from high school I moved to Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to attend Central Michigan University. I later moved to Macomb Township, where I currently reside with my two daughters. God had a plan! I always thought when I returned to teaching it would be in a public education setting; little did I know He was calling me to teach in a christian setting. I am so excited to be doing what I love teaching and sharing the love of Christ all in one setting. 


I’m excited to create a Christ centered classroom, where we not only function as a classroom, but as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a family that will learn, care, achieve, and grow together.  

*Lake Orion High School

*Central Michigan University- BS in Education

  Double Majors: Earth/Space Science and History

*VBS Teacher, Former Girls Scout Leader, College Leadership Program

Grade 7

Mrs. Kathy Schurig
Grade 7 Teacher

Mrs. Kathy Schurig, 7th Grade Teacher, Middle School Math Teacher

My passion has always been to be a teacher. My joy is to share the love of Jesus combined with the love of learning, and especially learning math. My ministry has taken twists and turns over the years of my career as I have taught in Lutheran schools and in public schools. God has guided me back to sharing the Good News of the Gospel with children as I teach them skills to be successful in life, including math skills and  English Language Arts skills. Peace Lutheran School is the perfect place . The Peace community is committed to giving our youth a Christ-centered education and I am excited to be a part of this family. I attended Lutheran almost all of my education. I have a master’s degree in math education and a master's degree in educational leadership. I served in my first Call at St. John Fraser, and went from there to educate middle school students at Page Middle School in Madison Heights. In all my teaching experiences I have served in leadership positions as well as coaching and developing the use of technology in education.  I also serve the Michigan District of the LCMS as the director of the Ministry Assistant Program. My family has always been a supportive part of what we call our team ministry. I am blessed to be a part of the Peace family.

Grade 8

Mrs. Andrea Reed
Grade 8 Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Reed, 8th Grade Home Room, Middle School

Social Studies Teacher

I believe that there is no better place to teach than in a Lutheran School, and I am so thankful that God led me to Peace!  This is my fifth year teaching here, and I am delighted that I have the opportunity to teach my students about Jesus, as well as academic subjects such as history and social studies. Having a firm foundation in God’s Word and being knowledgeable about the Christian faith are crucial in today’s world.  Middle school is a time when kids are questioning and exploring, so it is very important that they know and understand Christian views and beliefs pertaining to issues and events happening in our world.  I received my teaching degree in 2010 from Oakland University, and a Degree in Sociology in 1995. I have taught K-8th grade in public schools as well as at Peace Lutheran in Warren, and St. Luke Lutheran in Clinton Township. I was also a parent here at Peace before I became a teacher, and I think this gives me a unique perspective when it comes to being in the classroom.  I love to travel and learn about different people and cultures, ride my bike, explore my family history, swim and relax in my pool, and spend quality time with my family and friends.  I am very happy to be the 8th grade teacher here at Peace!

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