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Get to Know Us

We are so excited to have you with us. 


In addition to your Peace school family, you now have been adopted by your Peace church family.  You can learn more about who we are here, and how you can become involved.  


David Klemm
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Mrs. Holly Nelson
Director of Family Life
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Children's Ministry

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Children's Events

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Middle School Ministries

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Peace Weekly Events

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Peace Monthly Events

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Peace Yearly Events

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What Parents Say About Peace School

Since I completely enjoyed attending Peace for preschool, elementary and middle school, it only seemed natural that we would enroll our children there too.  It is a joy to watch them enthusiastically learn, but also grow in their faith.  The Pastor, principal, teachers, and staff are supportive and loving.  We feel blessed and happy to consider Peace our school and church home.item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. 

Peace Lutheran has been a true joy!  The teachers love and care about all the students, and are held to a higher standard.  The office staff is very uplifting and accommodating.  Most importantly, our children learn about the love of God, and all His good works.  My daughter and I highly recommend this school.

In this fast paced world of social media and instant messaging, we sometimes feel disconnected personally.  One place that we do feel connected to fellow parents, teachers and staff is Peace.  We came to Peace in 2008 with a preschooler and now all three of our children are here and thriving. 

We are blessed to be part of the Peace family.

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We can’t say enough good things about Peace and how leadership, staff, and teachers have met our needs. They accepted challenges with open arms and minds. Peace is full of the most caring, supportive and encouraging teachers/staff! We know our children are in good hands, and now consider Peace part of our family.

Our children have been going to Peace Lutheran for 2 years and we love it. Peace Lutheran provides a Godly, peaceful, and loving environment, and an intimate and family type atmosphere. The staff as well as the parents support one another with the children’s education and guidance. Our children not only get the best education but they also have fun and enjoy going to school. They experience sports, great  field trips, and events as they move through their years with the same group of peers who they know and have built long lasting relationships with.

Our family loves Peace! It’s a very family friendly environment.  We are thrilled because all five kids can be in one school.  It’s easy to get involved and volunteer, yet small enough for kids who haven’t previously been involved in sports to be active part of the teams. 

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Our Mission:  Peace Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered learning environment equipping students  for lives of Christian witness, service, and academic excellence.

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