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Team Peace

Walkers, Bikers, Runners, Health Nuts....


Join the Peace Team to help missions.

How do I join?

  1. Click Join Team Peace button

  2. Pick a movement goal

  3. Drop off your pledge of $25 in the office and get your Team Peace t-shirt.

  4. Start moving!

  5. Track your miles from May 15th until August 15th.

What Movements Count?

          Any biking
          Any walking
          Any running
What Ministries are Supported?

The following missions will be supported with your minimum $25 pledge:

  1. Innovative Missional Ministry  

  2. Church Worker Scholarships    

  3. International Ministries   

  4. Michigan District Endowment     

  5. Peace Lutheran Church and School   

Click Here to learn more about the first four missions. 

Invite your family and friends

to join our team. 

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