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Protect Young Eyes

Date of presentation: March 7, 2023
Grades K-8: During the school day
Parent Presentation: 6:30-8:00 pm, “The Digital Culture of Kids”


The Digital Culture of Kids: Building a Framework of Trust (Parents and Caring Adults, 14+)

Technology can do so much good in the world. But if not used well, it can also do so much harm. Never before in human history have young people had the ability to so radically change the trajectory of each other’s lives so quickly.

After 7+ years, over 1,500 presentations, testifying in front of Congress, and countless conversations with parents, students, educators, and officers, PYE has discovered that parental controls alone don't work and instead, there are 5 traits that often determine digital success in many families. We call these 5 traits the Digital Trust Framework. What is Digital Trust? Do you have it? How does it apply to conversations about social media? YouTube? TikTok? 

Our fast-paced talk will use stories, simple examples, and quick tips that will give your family immediate actions.

Our desired outcomes include:
● Knowing the benefits of creating digital trust.
● Greater confidence leading your family in the digital age.
● Awareness of the hardware and software tools that support your digital goals.

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