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Peace’s 300,000 Reading Minute Challenge

Starting February 17th, we are challenging the whole school to read 300,000 minutes by June 1st!  We know we have some stellar readers, and hope we can surpass this goal with flying colors!


Each month, a reading minutes calendar will come home. Simple jot down the number of minutes your child reads each night.  At the end of the month, total up your minutes and return your log.  Ms. Curley will be totaling up our school total and updating our minutes thermometer!


What will we get if we reach our goal?

Well, if we can reach 300,000 minutes by June 1st, we will get a school wide popsicle party!

But wait, there’s more!  If we can surpass our goal and reach 350,000 minutes, we will have a school wide Spirit Week during the last week of school (June 7th - June 10th).

There’s even more!  If we can surpass our goal even more and reach 400,000 minutes, we will get a school wide jeans week during the second to last week of school (June 1st - June 4th).

Let’s unleash our reading skills, and see if we can reach our goal.

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