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"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him." Psalms 127:3-5

Peace Shelby offers a before and after school service for students needing a comfortable, loving, and Christian environment when not in class.  Hours begin at 7:30 am and runs until school starts.  After school hours go until 6:00 pm.  An annual registration fee of $40 per child or $55 per family is assessed to each family who sign up and the cost of $4 per hour, per child is charged on a monthly basis.

Chelsea Parmentier
Latchkey AM

Ms. Chelsea Parmentier, Latchkey AM

Ms. Parmentier grew up in Detroit and went to Baker College to become an EMT/paramedic.  Childcare proved to be a better career for Ms. Parmentier after she had two children 15 months apart.   When not at Peace, Ms. Parmentier loves making fun crafts and building her family’s outdoor fairy garden.  “I have completely fallen in love with Peace, the staff, parents and, most importantly, the students.  Until we came to Peace, I never thought there could be so many nice people in one place!  Every single staff member is so welcoming and it’s a really good feeling to know my children are in the care of such great people.” - Ms. Chelsea Parmentier

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