Due to the Coronavirus, all Bible Studies have been suspended at this time.

Weekly Bible Study

Peace offers a variety of group Bible Studies throughout the year with a variety of topics and interests.


Typically most Bible Studies are held from fall to spring, within small groups of 10-30 participants, that meet once per week and last 4-6 weeks or longer.  Anyone is welcome.  Check this page often, as studies will change.

Sunday Bible Studies

Sunday, 9:45am

"Second Peter," led by Ken Fritsch and Eric Riethmeier

There will be a short Bible study covering general topics pulled from a Lutheran Witness or Decision magazine followed by delving into Second Peter, which is an intense, passionate farewell speech where Peter addresses church communities. 

Sunday, 9:45am, Room 203

"Proverbs," led by Ann Thomas

The Book of Proverbs provides exceptional wisdom on how to live a happy and peaceful life if only we speak to and seek God.

Wednesday Bible Studies

WEDNESDAY, 10:00am, Women's Study

Lifelight: Bible Feasts, led by Ruth Ann Ruddell

This study provides an in-depth study of the sacred festivals God commanded the people of Israel to observe, as well as festivals observed by Jewish people during Jesus' earthly ministry. Participants learn about Jewish food customs, the meaning of each feast, and the promises about the eternal feast in heaven.

Wednesday, 4:00pm

Confirmation Class, led by Warren Priehs and Pastor Klemm

This is a two year class for students looking to confirm their Lutheran faith.

Wednesday, 6:00pm

God of Covenant, led by Marianne Iselli

Discover How God Orchestrates Everything for His Glory. There are no minor characters in the story of God. Beginning with Genesis 12, walk alongside the fathers of our faith — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph — to discern Jesus in the stories of His people. Beginning Wednesday, January 29. 

Wednesday, 6:45pm

The Truth Project, led by Jim Schurig

The Truth Project is a ground-breaking Bible study on Biblical worldview. This video-based study is the starting point for looking at life from a Biblical perspective. Learn lessons on the relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life, featuring insights from other Biblical experts and discussions on theology, philosophy, sociology, science and more.  

"LifeLight: Acts, Part I," led by John and Carol Blanchard

(Image) This in-depth study of Acts Part 1 chronicles the 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead through His ascension, and how the Holy Spirit continued His work within the early days of the church. 


Thursday Bible Study

Thursday, 9:15am, "Finding Freedom from Worry and Stress," led by Linda Huyghe

We know God has promised us rest, and that we should not worry, yet we struggle. We will explore many issues that women face that cause worry and stress; study scripture that brings strength and courage; and apply and practice principles to live stress and worry free.


Men's Bible Study

2nd and 4th Saturday Men's Study, 7:30am, "Romans," led by Pat Longtin

This study explores Paul's letter to the Romans as he shared with the Church the wrong decisions they were making and how to correct them through Jesus Christ.

Churchwide Fall Campaign

Each fall, our entire congregation gets involved in a church-wide sermon series and Bible study.  Peace offers a variety of Bible study sessions at convenient times throughout the week, encouraging everyone to participate.  Groups are held on and off campus, and sometimes include childcare.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Check back in early September for information on this this year’s fall campaign, or contact the church office for details.   Our Fall, 2019  Campaign was Tell Someone by Greg Laurie.

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