Weekly Bible Study

Peace offers a variety of group Bible Studies throughout the year with a variety of topics and interests.


Typically most Bible Studies are held from fall to spring, within small groups of 10-30 participants, that meet once per week and last 4-6 weeks or longer.  Anyone is welcome.  Check this page often, as studies will change.

Sunday Bible Studies

Sundays, 9:45am, IN-PERSON

Seeking God's Guidance, with Kris Klein, in the 6th Grade Classroom

Where do you look for guidance? Solomon shared his wisdom with his son, in Proverbs 3. Trust in God, pursue wisdom, and treat others properly. Open the Bible to various passages as we continue to seek God's guidance in all that we do.


Various Topics, with Ken Fritsch/Ken Reithmeier, in the Gym

Recent articles and stories looked at from a Christian perspective will be the focus of discussion for this study.


JYM Bible Study (Students 5th-8th Grade), with Holly Nelson and team, in the 8th Grade Classroom

This student-focused Bible Study will include discussions and activities on various topics relating to junior youth.


Wednesday Bible Studies

Wednesdays, 6:30pm, IN-PERSON

Life of David, with John and Carol Blanchard, in the Gym

This nine-section LifeLight series is an in-depth study that investigates King David and his son Solomon through 1 and 2 Samuel and other passages before and during his 40 year reign during the most prosperous times in Israel's history.

1st Peter, with Jim Schurig, 6:30pm, ONLINE ON ZOOM

This study will review letters from the Apostle Peter as he encouraged Christians who were suffering persecution to stay strong and pure despite the diversity and struggles they were going through.

The readers of the Apostle Peter’s letter were confused and discouraged by the persecution they were encountering because of their faith in Christ. Peter encouraged them to stand strong, reminding them of Christ’s example, the riches of their inheritance in him, and the hope of his returning again to take them to heaven.  Peter explains how Christians should respond when they suffer because of their beliefs.  Called the “Apostle of Hope,” Peter’s primary message is to trust the Lord, live obediently no matter what your circumstances and keep your hope fixed on God’s ultimate promise of deliverance.  Suffering is often part of life, but it is temporary and yields great blessings for those who remain faithful.


Wednesdays, 6:30pm, ONLINE ON ZOOM

Boundaries with Kids, with Holly Nelson

The award-winning, best-selling book series Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend is the basis for this Bible Study, and provides help and guidance to raise children of any age to take responsibility for their actions, attitudes, and emotions. Check your eNews for meeting link information.  Click on button to order book.

Saturday Bible Studies

2nd AND 4th SATURDAYS, 7:30am, IN-PERSON

Romans (Men's), with Pat Longtin

In Apostle Paul's letter to the Roman church, he explains how salvation is offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only faith in Jesus can restore God's plan for his people.


Simply Loved (Students age 4 - 4th Grade), with Holly Nelson and team

With Simply Loved, we will explore a foundational, Jesus-centered journey through God’s story of Love. Each week, every message and activity sets the stage to help children more intentionally grow their friendship with Jesus.

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