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March 18 - Devotion

Matthew 7:28 “When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at His teaching.”

Learning at home will be a little different. Your school teachers will be in frequent contact with you, but it won’t be the same as being at school. Your family will help you learn as well as possible, but it is a new routine for your home. What you can count on is that all of your adults are committed to helping you learn and grow!

Your Peace Lutheran School teachers have been working hard to learn new things so they can continue to provide you with an outstanding education. Your loved ones will be working hard to help you accomplish your learning goals at home. All of them are becoming more skilled so that you can continue being a successful student! You will learn many things because of your great teachers!

Jesus is called the Master Teacher. There is nothing He doesn’t know, there is no skill He hasn’t achieved. His teaching amazed all the people who heard it. Jesus taught even the most accomplished teachers while He lived on earth. Now, He teaches and guides your teachers and your family, too. He will bless them and support them in their task.

Every lesson that is presented to you represents something interesting about the wonderful world our Holy God created. Learn your lessons well. Follow your teachers’ guidance. Appreciate your family’s help. Your efforts, and theirs, honor God.

Dear Jesus,

You are the Master Teacher, and we praise You! Thank you for my teachers and my family. Thank you for giving me the ability to learn. Please help me to use my ability well so that it gives honor to you. Amen.

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